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5 Halloween Beauty Ideas That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

halloween beauty ideas

It’s never too early to start planning your next big Halloween look. There are some pretty impressive costumes out there, but half the time it’s all about the makeup. With the right tools, you don’t need Photoshop or tattoos to turn your face into a piece of truly creepy or beautifully alluring artwork when the 31st rolls around. Although most Halloween looks are purposefully dramatic, and a little too creepy for everyday wear, there’s a lot of lessons to be learned that could improve your lifestyle and daytime look.

Smoky Cat Eyes

Dramatic eyes aren’t just for Halloween. Learn from the traditional smoky, cat eye look and adapt it to your daytime wear to make your eyes pop on any occasion. How to get the look?

Follow Jaclyn Hill’s advice.

  • Prime your eyes around the top and side of your eye.
  • Line a piece of scotch tape under the bottom of your eyes, angling against the bottom lash line.
  • Use a soft cream color on the lid.
  • Use a pencil brush around the outer corner against the tape to make a fine line with a dark gray.
  • Using a light brown, blend from the black line into the upper eyelid.
  • Blend a carbon color with a brush from the point into your crease.
  • Darken the cat line with black against the tape again.
  • Smudge black with a thin brush against your lash line and follow up with a black gel liner.
  • Finish up with your favorite false lashes and bold your brow.

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Glowing-Faced Happy Hippie

Sometimes Halloween makeup doesn’t have to be so dramatic, especially if your look is inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s or even earlier fashion. Although makeup is still important, sometimes less is more when you’re going for a period. To get a hippie look, ease up on the makeup and make sure your skin is clear by planning ahead and using your best cleansers in advance. With a clean face, just add a touch of natural colors and highlights to give your face a fresh, healthy and happy shine. Brush a little glow onto your cheeks and choose a skin toned lip shade then style your hair into long wavy locks, add a headband, and you’re good to go. The best part is simple makeup is perfect for everyday looks and have a classic appeal.

Sparkle and Glam Goddess

Glamor says if we’ve learned anything from fashion shows this season, from mild to strikingly fierce, glitter is in, and it’s the perfect ingredient for any fairy, angelic, or goddess inspired looks this Halloween. Makeup artist Rebecca Schembri says all you need is some shimmery eyeshadow, tweezers, rhinestones, glitter, eyelash glue, and a blow drier. Use glitter and rhinestones at the edges of your eyes, under them, or on your brows for goddess glam.

Celebrity Face Contouring

From Kim Kardashian (who makes face contouring her norm) to Rhianna, contouring is what you’ll need to get pretty much any celebrity look this Halloween, and it’ll do wonders for any undead look you want, too, although you’ll need to take it to the extremes for zombie makeup. Just check out Jan Bonito transform himself into dozens of celebrities, men, and women, with the help of contouring to get some ideas. Afterward, you can apply your new contouring skills to your look, but maybe less dramatically.

Plump, Red Vampire Lips

Craving blood red, full, luscious lips this Halloween? Try using the best lip plumpers to pucker up those suckers on the 31st and any other day you need a little extra volume for big lips. After applying, use a brush to line your lips with the perfect red to make a statement then fill in the center. To give them a sharp, sexy line and highlight their dramatic fullness, trace your lips with a bit of concealer. In real life, you don’t have to use such bright vampire-style blood reds, but shaping them for perfect fullness can carry over into your work day.

Halloween might be dramatic and fun, but lots of the skills you need for a great costume are essential for daily fashion and style as well, so get your makeup box out and start practicing.

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