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10 Reasons Why You Should Take on Kayaking


There are all kinds of different sports that people can participate in today. In fact, more than ever, people can branch out into activities that they have never tried before. Fortunately, for people who like to spend their time out on the water playing, it is normally fun to pick and choose different activities from time to time. In some cases, the activities that a person chooses can be relatively new to their taste. However, when an individual becomes more familiar with the sport, they can make an informed decision to try it with others. For instance, some people may be interested in kayak fishing, specifically after they have learned the basics. To that end, here are a few reasons why you should try kayaking.

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#1 – Fun Water Sport for different seasons


Some people like all kinds of different water sports. However, many of them can only be enjoyed during the summer time. However, when an individual begins kayaking, they will find that virtually any type of calm weather will do. In fact, some people enjoy going kayaking in the winter season because they love the feeling of the cold brisk fresh air.


#2. Great exercise for building upper Body Strength


Kayaking is also great exercise for people who want to stay physically fit. In fact, sports fanatics can take advantage of these awesome upper body workouts. The work outs that they get usually involves the use of their arms, shoulders, chest and other parts of their body.


#3. Excellent Social Activity


Similar to many other hobbies, fishing kayak is normally a sport that can be done together with other like-minded people. Even though some people may like being alone with solo kayaking, others prefer getting a group together for a day out to share this great hobby.


#4 – Low Impact

Sometimes people may want to exercise but they are having problems with their knees. So, they need an exercise that is considered to be low impact to guard against injury. This is also where kayaking comes in since it is a low impact sport that will protect the joints, ankles and other parts of the body from various kinds of issues.


  1. Versatile


Kayaking is also a versatile and adaptable sport. This is because these activities can be done in almost any body of water (i.e. large swimming pool, river, and lake). Therefore, people have the opportunity to engage in water polo, leisure paddling or running a marathon race.


  1. Great for people who seek adventure


fishing Kayaks is a sport that also offers a certain amount of adventure. Therefore, people may plan a day out using it as a way to go sightseeing with children and the elderly. In some cases, people may like a more intense sport that allows them to travel down the river.


  1. Stress Relief


Kayaking can be used as a great stress relief, and is considered to be one of the most cited reasons for participating. According to the Journal of Leisurability, it has great metal and emotional benefits.

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  1. Sight Seeing


Kayaking can also be used as a method to go sight seeing in different places that have large bodies of water. In fact, people can pick and choose where they want to go. For instance, they may decide to explore Lake powel in Utah or the Twin lakes in Alaska for fishing with their favorite spinning reels.


  1. Contact with wildlife.

Because kayaking can be done in silence, sometimes animals do not notice people as they are paddling thru different areas. For instance, some people can recall experiences where they have paddled along with a swimming alder, a swimming muskrat and other animals that others may like to get close to.


  1. Contact with the sea


People experience the sea in many ways. Some of which involves traveling down the sea in a boat, yacht and other sea worthy modes of transportation. In many cases, people are very far above sea level so there are experiences can be limited. On the other hand, when a person is kayaking, they may practically sit under the water.




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  1. Samuel June 20, 2016 at 7:33 am -

    I have been kayaking for the past three straight years. Kayaking is extremely fun and entertaining. You are correct with all the reasons you have mentioned.

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