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1 Year Old Baby Food

1 Year Old Baby Food

Get Your Best Method of You 1 Year Old Baby Food

1 year old baby food

1 year old baby food

One of the hardest things that people find is their children feeding. When it comes to select the right and top heathy food for their newborn babies, they find it too hard to pick up the right ones. And today I want to talk about what is 1 year old baby food. This the professional and most recommended by doctors. I have been talking to many doctors after I saw what my sister suffered to know the exact food of her newborn baby, so I decided not to limit what I gathered of knowledge with my sister only, but to pass it to the whole world and our great readers. So, do not wait any more for someone to tell you what to feed you 1 year old baby, here is it in front of you. Just focus with me, and you shall have all you need to know.

In the article, I will not talk about the direct 1 year old baby food, but I will separate the phases according to the age of the baby by months. You might be asking why so? And the best 1 year old baby food can be only breastfeeding, but do you know that it is not sufficient and not enough. So you need more. And here are the food to have.

The age of 0 to 6 months old;

In this part of the 1 year old baby food, the baby do not need any other food, but his/her mother’s breastfeeding. There is also the number 1 produced milk, not the number 2 (you can ask anybody about this, pharmacy or doctor or any expert). Ignore the number 2 since the baby did not yet get 6 months old. A for the solid food, everyone is recommending the mothers to start feeding their babies that food until they get 4 to 6 months. And it is highly advised that you consult a doctor before starting the feeding. You need to know some physical signs that prove whether the baby is ready for that kind of food or not yet. Those signs are such as; sitting and getting up with just little help, good controlling of his neck and head, and also his ability to swallow the food.

  • Never compare your baby to other his age babies. Remember that it is not necessary for babies to start having the solid food in the same age.
  • Do not oblige your baby to eat if he turns his face away. He might be not yet ready to eat food from the spoon. And once you start, ignore the foods that cause irritation or some healthy disorders during the breastfeeding, such as; grain, nuts, pistachios, liver, fish, eggs, cow milk, and some kinds of cheese.

The age from 6 to 8 months;

This is the second phase of the 1 year old baby food, and here we know how the feeding of a baby grows up.

You can start with one kind of foods, and gradually follow other kinds of food, but wait about 3 to 4 days before giving him/her the new kind of food. This duration is to see whether your baby has any healthy negative effects or not. In case you see any kind of health disorder, call the doctor immediately.

To get started, you can follow the next two steps;

1 year old baby food

1 year old baby food

First food: you can start giving your baby the cooked fruits and vegetables. Mashed and chilled foods such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple, and pear. To prepare it you need to wash the fruits very well, then boil them and mash them alone or mixed with a small amount of mother’s milk, produced babies milk, or water. In the beginning, these meals are given liquid, and then increase the liquids gradually. This is how the baby shall get used to the sold foods.

It is possible for you to give the baby during the 1 year old baby food, some fresh fruits after mashing it, such as; peaches, melons, bananas, or avocado. Also, you can give your baby the babies rice, baby cereal, after mixing it with the exact milk that is made for babies, not the milk of cow or powder.

Second food: after the baby gets used to the previous food, you can start with other kind of foods. Those second kinds of foods are such as; very well-cooked meat, chicken, fish (be careful with the spines), macaroni, toasts, lentils, rice, and the very well boiled yolk (do not give you baby the egg white till he/she gets 1 year old). All those kinds of foods are given after cooking them really well, mash them, and then cut them into small pieces. You can also start to give your baby milk foods such as adobe, fresh cheese (not the fermented and boiled one). PS; do not forget the water with the food (put it in an appropriate glass).

  • Do not stop on breastfeeding or the special milk because you started to give foods to your baby.
  • Do not add any sugar, honey, or salt to your 1 year old baby food.
  • Do not give your baby the cow milk before getting one year old.
  • Do not use the milk bottle to give your baby foods, but with a teaspoon.

The age of 8 to 12 months old:

This is the last phase of the 1 year old baby food. In this time, the baby has to start having three meals of food per day. Those meals contain different kind of smashed and cut in pieces foods.

The three meals should be rich and nutritious. They have to contain: fruits & vegetables, bread, rice, macaroni, and potatoes. Or, some other ingredients such as; meat, fish, yolk, and lentils. Or, other rich of proteins foods; fresh cheese (not fermented and boiled).

Do not:

  • Do not give your baby the allergies or irritation causal foods, such as; nuts, grain, fish, or egg, before he/she gets one year old if there is someone in family having allergies against those foods.
  • Do not give honey or eggs white till they get one year old

The 1 year old baby food:

1 year old baby food

1 year old baby food

Generally, after the one year, the child gets used to the system of three meals. Keep breastfeeding your baby and give him/her the boiled and then chilled cow milk. As well as keeping some fruits and vegetables. The baby got enough teeth to use them in cutting the foods pieces.

You can get the right and correct nutritious 1 year old baby food or meals, following the next tips;

  • Give your baby three or four meals daily of Starchy foods.
  • Three or four meals of fruits and vegetables
  • Two meals per day of eggs, meat, fish, beans, or lentils.


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